It gives me great pleasure to launch the CHASE Student Committee for Action and Communication’s Blog.

For more information about our Committee members and how to get involved, please see the ‘About Us’ Tabs. We are always seeking new members and ways to interact with CHASE funded students.

Our aims are to showcase the experiences of all CHASE students and present their views written in their own words on issues that matter to them. As well as the academic networking side of academia, we’re all doing a PhD and there’s lots we can learn from each other. We want the blog to be a dynamic display of the diversity of experiences and talent within CHASE, and to showcase all of the exciting happenings across the Consortium. The blog will be hosted on the CHASE website and will publish one post on the last Tuesday of each calendar month.

We are seeking CHASE-funded contributors who would be interested in getting involved in the following:


  • ‘A day in the life’ – a Q+A style post designed to represent the day to day experiences of PhD candidates across CHASE and how there is no ‘one size fits all’
  • ‘Getting to know you’ – in a similar style to above but a chance to introduce yourself and your research interests to the cohort and forge new links and networks.
  • Alumni/post viva and graduation Q+A – a chance to reflect on your PhD experience
  • Posts dealing with diversity in its most intersectional sense – this can revolve around events such as Black History Month, LGBT Month etc (but this is not essential).
  • Updates from the different CHASE groups that have been set up such as the Feminist Network, in order to foster a collaborative relationship.
  • Informal reviews of theatre shows, exhibitions or ‘things to do’ which might be of broad interest to students across CHASE.


It must be noted that the above is not a prescriptive list and we welcome submissions on a wide topic of themes, providing they meet with our style guide [link].

There is no fixed deadline for submissions. Please send your draft posts to chasesc233@gmail.com. If you are interested in our ‘getting to know you’, alumni Q+A or ‘a day in the life’ feature, please email us for the pre-set questions.