Style Guide


  • Include a short bio of no more than 50 words with each submission.
  • Submissions should not be more than 500-750 words.
  • Use at least one image in each article, ensuring that there are no copyright issues.


  • The tone of the piece should be informal and designed to engage with fellow CHASE students.
  • Avoid the use of jargon, if these terms are used they need to be defined clearly.
  • If using acronyms and abbreviations, ensure the full title is referred to at first usage.
  • The blog post should be consistent in terms of style, tone, grammar and punctuation.
  • Avoid long ‘blocks’ of text, use short and succinct paragraphing.
  • British English spelling to be adopted in all posts, i.e. colour rather than color and organise rather than organize etc.


  • Avoid stances which may be seen as overtly controversial and offensive in submissions. The Committee respect the right to reject submissions seen as too provocative or offensive for publication.
  • If a post contains any criticism, it must be constructive and not represent any form of defamation.