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About the Student Committee:

The CHASE Student Committee for Action and Communication communicates the views and concerns of CHASE funded students to the CHASE Management Board and Strategy Board as well as developing action points where appropriate to help improve how CHASE works for its students.

Committee Members:

Ellis Spicer, University of Kent

I’m Ellis and I’m the Chair of the CHASE Student Committee. I first joined the committee in September 2017 where I held the role of Secretary, and have been Chair since August 2018 where I preside over meetings and help set the agendas, and pass on feedback to the CHASE Management Board and Training and Development Group so we can ensure that student issues are represented.

I’m in the third year of my PhD, with my thesis examining Holocaust survivor organisations in the U.K. in the postwar period. My hobbies include cooking and a supreme amount of leisurely reading while desperately trying to become fluent in Spanish.

Kate Docking, University of Kent

I’m Kate, and I’m the Secretary of the CHASE Student Committee. I first got involved with the Committee in September 2017, when I started my PhD, and I’ve held the role of Secretary since January 2018.  My role as Secretary primarily entails organising our meetings, producing agendas, and recording minutes. I love being part of such a dynamic Committee, and it’s been great to obtain an insight into how CHASE operates as a Consortium.

I’m in the third year of my PhD at  the University of Kent, and my thesis looks at a group of female doctors and nurses who worked at Ravensbrück concentration camp during the Third Reich. When I’m not PhDing, I can usually be found in one of Canterbury’s many pubs, in the gym, in a European city, or at home attempting to concoct some sort of vegetarian meal.

Jack Rutherford, University of Essex

I’m Jack and I’ve been involved with the Student Committee since November 2018 as the student representative for the University of Essex. I have also recently been appointed the Social Media secretary – clearly the good folk of the Committee have over-estimated my Twitter skills! The SC is insightful and I am really happy to be part of such a hard-working and conscientious group that cares greatly about student welfare. The support and warmth by which I have been received by the Committee members has really helped my own self-confidence.

I am a second year postgraduate at the University of Essex and my research is concerned with how identity is given meaning as discursive acts within the cultural expression of film. I am kept busy by my two children, but when I can eke out some time I will often be found in a galaxy far, far away or immersed in the American west. I also play guitar and bass, in the vain hope that I will still make it as a rock star!

Stuart Falconer, Open University

My name is Stuart, I am the CHASE Student Representative for the Open University. I am a second year PhD student in Archaeology and Classical Civilisation. I am working on enhancing current understanding of the South West peninsula of Britain during the Roman period, specifically that of the Dumnonii tribe territory. I am a BSc archaeology lecturer for Plymouth University and in my spare time I can be found in museums, at sites of archaeological interest or on Cornish beaches and exploring with my family and pet labrador.

Matthew Jones, University of Sussex

Hi! I’m Matthew and I am the CHASE Student Representative for Sussex and the Blog Officer for this wonderful blog you are currently reading. I am responsible for running and maintain the blog, its design and making sure all the pages are kept up to date.

I am second year PhD student in Art History working on how British museums develop and create exhibits and displays on British Colonial History, specifically the British Slave Trade, its abolition and their ongoing legacies. When I am not in a museum you will probably be able to find me drawing or painting, on the beach here in Brighton, at a gig and being exasperated by politics.

Harry Adams, Courtauld Institute of Art

Marija Shipley, Courtauld Institute of Art

I’m Marija, and I’ve joined CHASE Student Committee recently, right at the start of my PhD studies. Already I’m looking forward to participating in the work of the committee and learning how CHASE operates within. My PhD at the Courtauld Institute of Art is focused on the female royal patronage in thirteenth century Adriatic coastal areas. Usually, free time is filled with being a mum to a four-year-old that loves Egyptians and pirate ships.

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